OPEN is the SOURCE to Success.

PHYAURA EHR is and built on open source technology. Our community edition is free and available as a download. This enables anyone to contribute enhancements and modules while eliminating any licensing fees. We are a true pay for service solution.

IPA – Patient Relationship: A Concept in Evolution
HIE Connector

PHYAURA EHR can now connect to any local, State or Federal Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) by changing a few settings within your account. Whether you are a hospital based practice, a rural clinic, or a homeless shelter providing health services, you can now exchange medical information securely and seamlessly.

IPA – Patient Relationship: A Concept in Evolution
Free Online Demo of PHYAURA EHR Meaningful Use Version

Our EHR is not restricted to itself. We have opened up our doors to connect to other fellow Physicians, Hospitals, HIE's, Agencies, and other EHR Vendors to exchange patient data.

IPA – Patient Relationship: A Concept in Evolution
NO Vendor Lock-In
Gives You Peace of Mind!

Free Open Source Software (FOSS) gives healthcare providers the ability to take their patient data to any competing software vendor that supports PHYAURA EHR's community edition. Our NO Vendor lock-in policy keeps you in charge of your patient data.

IPA – Patient Relationship: A Concept in Evolution

PHAURA EHR Users Featured on NBC Channel 8 News – Tampa, Florida


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PHYAURA Advanced Billing Module and Billing services allows all users to have access to advanced billing features found only in high cost systems or available only to  billing companies.  As a PHYAURA EHR user, you have the choice of processing billing charges on your own or having your billing company log on to your EHR to send claims and post payments.

No  need to send superbills to an outside billing company or be forced to use their practice management system.

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