Patient Portal

A patient portal is one of the important features for an Electronic Medical Records system. Phyaura’s Patient Portal lets patients communicate with their doctor and access important information over the Internet. Since communication is a key to preventative medicine, the Patient Portal is a valuable aspect of the Phyaura’s EHR Solution. The Portal can be accessed at You can register a new patient and see the information populate on our demo site. Or you can login using our demo patient – Username: patient Password: patient1!

What does the Patient Portal do?

  • A new patient can register online, complete their pre-visit documents, and sign them before their visit.
  • Patient can browse, choose and make his appointment online.
  • Can view demographics, insurance and other information and make changes
  • Eligibility and copay verification.
  • Fill all forms beforehand and sign them if necessary limiting wait time
  • Conduct a video-consult from home.
  • View Medical Records including lab results and prescriptions.
  • View and print Accounts, Ledgers and Statements
  • Pay the provider online
  • Mailbox: Communicate with provider. Request referrals, ask for refills, or clarifications.

For Patients

  • Ask your Provider for their “Practice Id,” or search our providers list to see if your Provider is registered to use our Portal services.
  • If you are an existing patient and have never used the Portal you must ask your provider to give you a username and password to access the Portal.
  • If you are a new patient all you need is your provider’s “Practice id” and you can register your username and password.

For Providers

  • Decide on what features you want your patients to see under the settings tab.
  • Medical Records
  • Accounts Statements and ledgers.
  • Receive payments online.
  • Mailbox: Communicate with your patients easily and securely.
  • Upload your custom made PDF Forms that you need the patients to fill out.
  • Generate usernames and passwords and communicate to the client.
  • Capture patients signature electronically after they fill our your forms.
  • Allow patients to fill in all the demographics, profile information, and custom forms from the comfort of their own personal space even before they come in for the visit.
  • Verify their insurance eligibly, patient responsibility and copay amounts before the visit.
  • You can approve or reject new patient registrations, profile/demographic updates, appointments, and documents/forms before it updates your database, giving you absolute control.